Psychosocial Integrity Practice Test

This Psychosocial Integrity practice test for NCLEX-RN students covers a wide range of topics that ensure that every client/patient receives the best possible mental health care and support. From basic psychological principles to family dynamics to the complications of acute or chronic mental illness, a nurse is responsible for understanding his or her role in providing a therapeutic environment in all situations. Includes 20 questions from the following subcategories: Substance abuse disorders, Coping mechanisms, and Therapeutic communications. Just like the real NCLEX-RN, there are questions with four multiple choice options. Read the question carefully. If you need help, click on the Hint button that’s under the fourth option. We’ve written a sentence to remind you of the answer. If you select the correct response, you can go to the next question. If you make a mistake, an explanation will immediately pop up. Taking notes can remind you of areas that need more study. Take each practice test more than once. You’ll notice that the questions are rearranged each time. This digital “flashcard” learning style is proven to help you remember better.
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